2022 Locky Award Nominees

Best Editing

Best Audio

Best Lighting

Best Visual Aids/Effects

Most Informative Video

Most Creative Video

Funniest Video

Most Impressive Pick

Best Out of Package Pick

Most Impressive gutting disaster

Most supportive commenter

  • BeercanBushcraft
  • DonPicks
  • PicSmith
  • RoySammons
  • The Lock Picker 1969

Most Creative Challenge 

Most Creative Giveaway

Best Challenge lock 

Best custom made pick 

Community Spirit Award  (with the reasons stated when they were nominated)

  • CajunLockPick
    • Cajun made and sent out around 50 challenge locks last year. Because of this many US pickers have have picked their first CL and it was a Cajun creation.  He’s also quick to offer his expertise to anyone seeking it.
  • The Lock Picker 1969
    • Their interview with a lock picker web series is a great show of support to the community and he has been sharing a lot of great history
  • Panda Frog
    • for his continuous efforts to support the community with various websites and projects. As examples I would like to mention Speedlocks.org and Challenge-Lock.com
  • Patrick O’Neil of Oak City Locksport
    • He’s good, he’s friendly, and dedicated to the community in NC – organizing events, making sure we’re at conferences.
  • Pocket Women
    • very supportive to everyone in the locksport community