2021 Locky Award Nominees

Best Editing

Best Audio

Best Lighting

Best Visual Aids/Effects

Most Informative Video

Most Creative Video

Funniest Video

Most Impressive Pick

Best Out of Package Pick

Most Impressive gutting disaster

Most supportive commenter

  • Brummie Lock Picker
  • Donz Lockz
  • Gazz R
  • Joe Picks
  • Pocket Women
  • Southampton Lock Picking Club

Most Creative Challenge 

Most Creative Giveaway

Best Challenge lock 

Best custom made pick 

Community Spirit Award  (with the reasons stated when they were nominated)

  • Brummie Lock Picker 
    • I love the way he encourages everyone, responds to all the comments so you know he’s reading it, and shows how to DIY so many of your own tools.
  • GravityKarma
    • Has worked tirelessly on the LPU YouTube channel and is always a very active, friendly, and helpful member of the community.
  • Legendofthesamurai
    • “Wealth of knowledge and always trying to help people in detail”
  • Norlin
    • For his efforts in the thankless job of moderating the LPU Discord and Reddit over the last year.
  • Panda-Frog
    • He is a very helpful community member and founded the 1millionscovillelocksport club. He started and runs challenge-lock.com, speedlocks.org and also put a quick raffle pot page together for the LPU charity raffle. In additions he always has some sort auf giveaway running on his YouTube channel.
  • Pocket Women
    • For her shout out monday serious and constant support towards the community at large
  • Rein/Reinder 
    • He’s everywhere at all times in the locksport community. Best LPU mod by far and is always helpful. the bloke deserves it. – For great mod work and always being there and being helpful
  • StarryLock 
    • He does everything to get new channels noticed. – He takes the time to host a weekly get together, which allows people all over the globe to check in and chat. He has had his channel removed twice but has come out fighting both times – and the community protested to get them returned. StarryLock is also so kind and helpful and will help anybody and brings the community together.